Extra Preparations for South Africans During COVID-19

Hand-sanitizer will help limit the spread of the Coronavirus, or COVID-19. But the prices of hand-sanitizer are going through the roof, are there other ways to ensure you’re safe? 

Here are the top suggestions from the World Health Organisation (WHO).

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Portable Sanitation Solutions in a Time Of Corona

COVID-19, or the Coronavirus disease is officially here and uprooting our lives. As everyone is starting plans to self-quarantine, some businesses and industries can’t afford to stop working or production. 

Our first recommendation is obviously to stay at home. But we can help with some advice to keep your skeleton staff moving – slowly.

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What Is The Difference Between a Porta-Potty and a Portable Toilet?

We understand those not in the industry, or just general South Africans, won’t know the difference between porta-potties and portable toilets. 

We decided that, as South Africa’s leading portable toilet hire outlet, it was time to set the record straight, so when you come and sit with us at our Johannesburg or Polokwane offices, you know what ablution solution you’re looking for. 

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Top Three Natural Alternative Toilet Cleaners 

One priority is to keep our water closets, spick and span and smelling like a bed of roses, literally. After all, your guests deserve the best ablution facilities when taking care of their business. But how do we keep these levels of fragrance and cleanliness? 

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Everything you never needed to know about toilet phobias

There’s no such thing as a weird phobia. Many people have them, it’s part of life. Some people have developed phobias from bad past experiences, others can’t quite pinpoint why they’re scared but that doesn’t make it any less real.

The toilet is actually a common trigger for a number of phobias. So next time you’re banging on the door of an unsuspecting, poor soul as you impatiently wait for them to avail the porta-loo, consider this:

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The convenient truth about portable toilets and septic tanks

Portable toilets and septic tanks are built to be self-sufficient and use resources as efficiently as possible making them both an affordable and sustainable choice for events, homes and even some worksites.

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