Sport Events Toilets, Showers And Sanitation Equipment

Fancy Flush products are at the forefront of portable sanitation equipment. Our sporting rentals ensure that your events are top class giving your participants convenience and comfort.

Our portable trailers ensure that regardless of how extreme the terrain is where your event will take place our equipment can be placed for your convenience.

Fancy Flush is the leader in portable sanitary products. Our fast, friendly customer service gives you peace of mind from expert planning to accurate delivery and quality service. Rely on us for your portable sanitation needs, large or small.

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Browse our range of event shower and toilet solutions:


The Fancy Flush Bike Wash Unit is perfect for all of your mountain biking event needs. Ensure that your participants bikes are clean and free of dirt and mud before embarking on their journey home after an event. This bike wash station can be supplied with water in remote locations. Our truck has a 2500 litre tank which is more than enough water to wash bikes after the event.


Our showers are perfect for outdoor sporting events, mine shut downs gym upgrades and tented camp areas . The Fancy Shower units supply hot and cold water using gas geysers. The showers are very versatile, as long as there is constant water supply and gas you can shower as many people and as long as possible.

If there is no water or power on site then the Fancy Shower unit has a fresh water tank and a 12 volt car battery. On a full tank the shower is capable of showering 20 people on a tank having a quick shower. The grey water goes from a fresh water tank into a dirty water tank so there is no mess on site where the unit is being used.

With this small geyser, water flow and temperature can be manually adjusted for comfort


The Fancy Flush Multi Shower Trailer is an 8 cubicle hot water shower unit. This Multi Shower Unit accommodates eight people at a time. All cubicles have a hot and cold water supply for comfort as well as towel hooks and mirrors. This unit is perfect for cycle races, gym upgrades and tented camp areas. A constant pressurised water supply is needed to accommodate eight people at once. The water is heated by gas geysers so the heat is instant. Each cubicle has an adjustable sky light so steam from the hot water can escape with ease. Having the sky light open while showering also adds natural light while showering.


The Fancy Flush Combi Flush is a four toilet, four shower trailer unit. This unit has 4 flushing toilets with fresh hand water, and a solar panel for heated water. This unit needs a fresh water supply as well as a drain for grey water. Each cubicle has an adjustable sky light so steam from the hot water can escape with ease. The Combi Flush uses the solar panel for lighting.