Business & Industrial Toilet Rentals

Fancy Flush offers a number of business and industrial toilet rental solutions. Our mobile toilet range is low-maintenance and easy-to-service.

Our business and industrial toilet rentals are affordable, compact, and self-contained.

Fancy Flush’s technicians will set up and service the business and industrial toilet rental solutions for you, allowing you to focus on more important matters.

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Browse our range of industrial shower and toilet solutions:


The Fancy Flush Office and Toilet Unit is an affordable, compact self contained on-site toilet and office. This unit is ideal for security guards in road closure areas. The compact unit has a solar panel that creates enough power to keep the batteries charged for lighting at night. The pricing structure on this unit is ideal for long term contracts where there are no office and toilet facilities.


The Fancy Flush Kaya Loo ablution block was developed and successfully deployed in several informal settlements, this is a 10 cubicle unit, with flush master valves, fully corrosion resistant, tamper proof and requires minimum service other than regular maintenance. An economical solution for long term hires, perfect for construction sites accommodating many people.


The Fancy Flush Agri Units are the workhorses in mobile ablution services and are widely used in the agricultural, construction and mining sectors. They are suited to a large variety of applications, offering an easy and flexible way to deliver toilet services in virtually any location. With multiple variations and optional extras available, the Fancy Flush Agri can truly be tailored to the needs of the client. Toilets and basins run on a conservancy system, with fresh water supplied from an overhead tank. No frills. No fuss.