Fancy Flush is a portable toilet hiring company that provides you with the right solutions, at the right price, when you need them most.

We offer a complete array of utilities for hire, including portable toilets, showering facilities, as well as sanitation equipment, to ensure the comfort, hygiene, and health of your guests and staff.

We are a leading provider of not only rented toilets, but also showers and sanitation equipment, which has positioned us to provide the exact solutions your business or event needs, and these offers are backed by reliability to ensure that you get the solution that is right for your needs.

We offer luxury portable toilets for all types of events, as well as showers and ablution facilities for outdoor sporting events or gym renovations. These offers are also extended to various industries, including mine shutdowns and tented camping areas.

On top of this, our offers include utilities for outdoor festivals, events, and concerts, and our selection of solutions also includes state of the art paraplegic units.


Our complete array of utilities for hire includes the following solutions for toilets, showers, and sanitation equipment:

Browse through the categories below to find what you need:

Toilet Hire



Fancy Flush Toilet hire are the most capable providers of quality portable restroom rentals.

Shower Hire



Shower units supply hot and cold-water using gas geysers and solar panels. The showers are very versatile.

Sports Event Equipment



Our sporting rentals ensure that your events are top class giving your participants convenience and comfort.

Business & Industrial Solutions



Our business and industrial portable toilet rentals are affordable, compact, and self-contained.

Event Fridges




Our easy to use, quick to setup and highly functional trailers mean that you can have a cold room at your next function.

Paraplegic Toilet




A spacious interior accommodates wheelchair entry and grab-rails on the walls assist users throughout, making the Disabled Access an essential facility for some.

Urinals & Hand-wash Stations




Fancy Flush now offers the perfect temporary portable urinals to rent at any event, or public location that requires temporary portable restroom facilities.

Septic Tank Pumping



Septic tank pumping is an essential maintenance task to keep your wastewater system in working order.


If you would like to know more about our offers on shower, sanitation, and portable toilet hire, be sure to get in contact with a representative from Fancy Flush today.