Wood Or Plastic? This Is The Toilet Seat Question!

Toilet Hire - Fancy Flush
Toilet Hire - Fancy Flush

It’s the decision that has ruined marriages, divided families and janitors around the globe: Whether or not you should have a wooden or plastic toilet seat.

In our business, we’ve discussed it and gone with the majority of our for-hire portaloos being equipped with plastic seats. But if you want a wooden seat for your event, let’s say we won’t poo-poo your request.

After all, we provide the fanciest rent-a-loos in the Gauteng area. Also, the most practical. So, if you’re not sure which side of this age-old debate you fall, let’s help you decide – RIGHT NOW!

For us, wood is such a lovely and organic material. In a world drifting off into the clean-cut modern era, the earthy feel you get from sitting on a wooden seat is the feeling of class.

We like to think we’re riding the Bentley of loo seats. Also, wooden seats don’t absorb heat like their plastic versions.

While they are arguably nicer to look at and gorgeously textured for your derriere, they aren’t as hard-wearing as their plastic counterparts. Also, the finish can vary widely if the varnish and sealant aren’t applied properly.

If that happens, it’s a less luxurious experience and more of a spikey affair for the gluteus maximus. Then there’s weight, and every gram saved is a bonus for those of us in the portaloo business. So it’s worth shaving a little off so we can make sure to pass on the savings.

Now, let’s talk about the plastic seating.

It should be stated that plastic is generally easier to clean. While they are more prone to scratches, it is really dependent on how it was made.

There are two types of plastic toilet seat: Thermoset seats are remoulded repeatedly during their production, which in turn makes them more resilient to scratches. Sometimes they might have a resin base. But generally, they are more solid. Fun fact, they can’t be recast or melted, so if you were to set one on fire, it’d just burn.

Alternatively, the general thermoplastic plastic seat is very flexible and light. These can be recast and reshaped.

Both these plastic seats can take punishment and are able to take the most vigorous slams – even though some have seat lowering mechanics. However, they don’t hold temperatures well, thus they will be cold during the winter months.

Overall, it’s up to you to choose. And if you need an entire portaloo in the Gauteng region, you know who to call, the Fanciest guys in the business.