When to sit, and when to stand. That is the question.

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Outdoor toilet - Fancy Flush

What’s better, the urinal or the toilet stall? Is it really better for men to stand or to sit when urinating? It’s an age-old question which incites (surprisingly) very emotional reactions. Is one better than the other or is it purely a preference thing? The male washroom is a complex space as users duck and dive the social awkwardness associated with a trip to the toilet.

There are unspoken rules that create an expected etiquette amongst users – where does one look (or not look), what does one say (or not say), where does one stand (or not stand). At Fancy Flush our Fancy Flush Multiliner offers both urinal and toilet cubicles in one unit. So, which one should you actually be using for what and when?

The urinal

A minefield of social etiquette. The key benefit of the urinal comes down to time – it’s quick and easy. But please gents, still wash your hands. Urinals also take up less space and use less water and chemicals per use, making them both efficient and environmentally friendly. Score.

By using urinals instead of stalls for urinating, stalls are used less frequently and kept cleaner. The downside? It’s socially awkward and not everyone sticks to the unspoken rules. No eye contact, don’t stand too close, don’t compare instruments, get off your phone, don’t make conversation, aim accurately and don’t miss the urinal, don’t splash and for all of our sakes, wash your hands (yes we’ve said it twice).

Our recommendation? If you need to urinate, use the urinal, get in and get out – keep it tidy. But if your bladder is a bit shy, by all means, use the stalls.

The stall

The stall has two types of male users. Those who have shy bladders and others who need a number 2. For those with shy bladders, while the privacy is great, aiming into a toilet bowl is for some reason is significantly more difficult than a urinal (probably because of the height and the angles involved).

Most men say they prefer to stand while they pee – it’s more ‘manly’ or it’s easier – whatever the reason, if you stand at a toilet bowl, you’re creating a world of trouble for yourself and your fellow pee-ers. Studies have shown that standing while peeing increases the splash zone distance up to 36 inches! That means the floor, wall, basin, toilet paper as well as yourself are in the spray zone and now spreading germs everywhere you go.

The solution? Sit down when using a stall for both a number one and a number two, or use the urinal and leave the stall to those who have to see a man about a horse.