What you must know when you’ve got to go

Visits to the toilet are just part of life. We all have to go – so we’re all in this together. And yet, for some reason, we’re all still so awkward about it. At Fancy Flush we make your ‘business’ our business, and we’re not about shying away from the tough conversations. So we’re giving it to you straight with this lowdown on bathroom etiquette:

To flush or not to flush?

This one’s easy – unless you’re in an area with water restrictions – always, always flush. If you’ve made a bit of a mess, that’s what the toilet brush is there for, so roll up your sleeves and get scrubbing. That’s right, contrary to popular belief, that is not someone else’s job. The polite thing to do is to always leave the toilet as you’d like to find it – which means better than you probably found it.

(Don’t) make a splash

If you splash on the toilet seat, wipe it clean. While we’re talking about this – ladies, we have to say it – squatting over the toilet seat is actually not more sanitary than just taking a seat. It’s also the primary reason for splashes on the seat to begin with. And gents, you’ve definitely heard this one before, but for the love of all things sanitary, don’t pee on the toilet seat (or floor). If you miss, clean it up.

When it comes to water, try to take care when you’re washing your hands – don’t splash the water on the floor or around the sink. If you do, use some paper towel to dab it dry if you can.

Stop and smell the… air freshener

If you’ve done what you needed to do, flushed (and used the toilet brush if you needed to), but a smell is still lingering, there are a couple of things you can do. The first is to crack open a window if there is one. If there isn’t one (or it’s already open and it’s not helping… oh dear), check if there’s air freshener available and give a quick 2-second spray.

If there’s no air freshener, sometimes there might be some toilet cleaner next to the toilet. These products contain strong chemicals that break down odor-causing bacteria, so give that a try. If none of those options are available, try a little extra liquid soap and an extra flush (or two).

If all else fails, pull the door closed or leave it slightly ajar behind you. This is a universal signal to the next toilet user to proceed with caution and give it a moment before heading in there.


Staff stuff

For cleaning staff, discretion and consistency are key. Professional staff will always make guests feel as comfortable as possible. A big part of that is not making them feel self-conscious about the fact that they’ve just clearly left the stall door ajar because it may not be smelling of roses.

That said, it is the cleaner’s responsibility to do quick cleanliness and supply checks between uses to ensure it’s ready for the next guest. To keep things moving quickly, it’s also the cleaner’s role to direct guests to open stalls (and steer them away from ones that may need to be given a wide birth).

Don’t go where you’re not allowed

We get it. Sometimes you’re bursting to go and there’s a long queue for the bathroom – or the bathroom you’re meant to use is just too far away. But whatever you do, don’t take your chances in the bathroom of the opposite sex. That’s the ultimate bathroom etiquette no-no.

Firstly, it can be a safety risk. Secondly, it’s highly uncomfortable for everyone involved. And lastly, it’s just not worth the fuss. A modern day solution for maximum inclusivity (and optimal toilet availability) is to provide gender neutral toilets – and make sure there are enough of them for all guests in all key locations.

Be nice

If you’re in a bathroom with other people, everyone knows why you’re there – because they’re there for the same reason (unless they’re cleaning staff). So don’t make it any more awkward than it already is.

Read the vibe of the room and don’t be shy. Crack a smile, tell a joke, make a friend in the queue. Keep things friendly. And most importantly – always, always acknowledge and thank the cleaning staff.

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