What Is The Difference Between a Porta-Potty and a Portable Toilet?

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We understand those not in the industry, or just general South Africans, won’t know the difference between porta-potties and portable toilets.

We decided that, as South Africa’s leading portable toilet hire outlet, it was time to set the record straight, so when you come and sit with us at our Johannesburg or Polokwane offices, you know what ablution solution you’re looking for.

Porta-loos (Portaloo* is actually a trademarked name in the UK) and -potties are normally defined as free-standing units. In our extensive range, we’d consider our Fancy Flush VIP Cube and maybe our Fancy Flush Econo Unit as Porta-Potties.

They’re perfect for quick set-ups (if you’ve forgotten to book toilets for your event you can call us now) and short term usage. These units don’t have flushing mechanisms and work with chemical solutions, which are pumped and disposed of after an event.

In terms of budget, these are light on the wallet, but that doesn’t mean you’re skimping on comfort or failing to service guest numbers. The Fancy Flush VIP Cube is an elegantly designed unit and the Fancy Flush Econo Unit can service 100 people comfortably.

Portable Toilets
From the get-go, portable toilets generally have more room, a basin, lights, a proper flushing mechanism, and other fittings.

While our Fancy Flush Kaya Loos don’t have basins, we still place them into the portable toilet category as they have a flushing mechanism. And we should also say that our Fancy Flush Poly John unit also falls into this category as it comes with a built-in, sturdy basin.

As a general rule of thumb, if you’re planning on long-term use from the unit, we’d suggest going with a portable toilet as they don’t need to be serviced as much as a porta-loo.

Also, they often come with weather-proof carpeting, lighting, and gas-geysers, which means it’ll feel like home.

We understand that finding these comforts means the world when you’ve been working on a massive construction site for the last 4 months from 7 to 5 every day, and can’t get that alone time at home because the kids and spouse want to see you.

While we did mention that porta-potties are quick to set up, the same is also true for portable toilets, as they are self-contained trailers that are towed into place, plugged in (or not if you’ve rented the Fancy Flush Multiliner, Luxliner, or VIP Urinal Trailer), and ready to go whenever you are.

And now you know the difference between portable toilets and porta-loos.