We’ve got your outdoor springtime events sorted

Springtime is finally upon us. The cold, long nights are starting to get brighter and warmer, and we’re all coming out of hibernation. That means one thing: it’s outdoor event season.

Outdoor events are a favourite from September through to April. And porta-loos are the perfect solution for all occasions, from sporting events to weddings, there’s a portable toilet solution for every setting and number of guests.

Sporting events

Marathons and triathlons, cycling races, school sport festivals, endurance races on foot and on wheels, muddy obstacle races, the list of sporting events goes on. Most of these events are hosted outdoors and can cover distances up to 200km and more. As a result, porta-loos are a sporting event essential.

Porta-loos need to be placed at the start and finish lines, as well as strategically placed along the course for racers and spectators. It’s also important to properly kit out all rest areas. The key to a successful (and comfortable) event is to provide multiple porta-loos to ensure speed and efficiency.

The Fancy Flush Econo 12 Toilet Urinal Caravan is ideal for servicing a large group of people, quickly. The Fancy Flush Econo Unit , is suitable for placements along the course for male and female guests, as is the trusty Fancy Flush VIP Cube.

Showers are needed not only for hygiene purposes, but both warm and cold water have healing benefits post-exercise. To ensure there are enough showers for the racers, consider hiring shower trailers with multiple shower units for greatest comfort and efficiency like the Fancy Flush Multi Shower Trailer which offers both hot and cold water heated by a geyser.

All you need is a source of water.

And remember, for cyclists, cleaning their bicycles is often more important to them than having a shower themselves! A Bike Wash Unit is a must-have.


Late nights, loud music and whimsical settings, festivals are a spring and summer favourite across the country. Types of festivals range from music, to food and lifestyle, to sport. There’s a festival for every type of person and every type of interest.

Festivals usually run over one to five days, meaning you must provide basic necessities for the festival goers from toilets to showers. Each Fancy Flush Multiliner unit services 150-200 guests and can be installed anywhere as it’s a self-contained unit. Pair it with Fancy Flush Combi Flush units and your guests will be clean and comfortable all day long.

Special occasions

Whether you’re hosting a special event at an outdoor venue or at home, porta-loo’s mean you can host an event anywhere for as many guests as you like. From nuptial ceremonies to milestone birthdays, take advantage of the warmer months with outdoor celebrations and porta-loos to service all your guests.

The Fancy Flush Luxliner unit is designed for events hosting 100-200 guests, both men and women. It’s self-contained with solar panels which means there are no restrictions. If you’re hosting less people, consider a 2-unit cubicle, like the Fancy Flush Clean Flush and the luxury Fancy Flush VIP Toilet Trailer.