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Portable toilets are a necessity for all work sites that don’t have access to plumbing. From construction sites to the agricultural and mining sector, portable or temporary toilet facilities are essential in providing for workers’ basic rights. If you’re looking for your next hire, here’s what to consider:

Go tamper-proof

Hundreds of people can be working on one industrial site at any time, and these sites can often be vulnerable to vandalism and petty theft. For this reason, make sure the toilet facilities are safe and secure. A good starting point is choosing units that are tamper-proof to avoid having parts removed from site and having to deal with the resultant inconvenience and cost. Making sure toilets are placed in a well-lit area in sight of (or at least on the route of) any security officers is also important.

Let there be light (and water)

On industrial and construction sites, portable toilets are needed in areas where access to power is not guaranteed. On sites where staff are likely to be arriving before sunrise and leaving after sunset, units with solar-powered or battery-powered lights are ideal.

Units that have their own water conservancy systems are also vital for areas where water is scarce as this improves both overall hygiene and user comfort. These units will require maintenance and should be placed in areas where they can be easily accessed by service vehicles.

Weather the elements

When sites are exposed to the elements, choosing a portable or fixed-term toilet solution, you need to consider how well the structures can withstand some fairly extreme conditions. Units must be sturdy, reliable and fully corrosive-resistant.

Budget considerations

Make sure you know your requirements and budget. Factors that will impact the cost are the type of toilet units you require, the duration of the rental, and the servicing requirements. For long-term hires, we recommend going with basic and reliable units that have built-in power sources depending on your workers’ needs.

Keep everyone happy

Industrial toilet hire doesn’t need frills or fuss. They need to be reliable, sturdy and convenient for long periods of time. Sometimes different types of units are required in different areas of the site to fulfil all your needs. For industrial sites, we recommend the following solutions:

  • Fancy Flush Office and Toilet Unit

This dual-purpose unit is a self-contained toilet and office, ideal for security guards and employees who have to be on site for night shifts – no matter the location. It comes complete with a solar panel to power the lighting all night. Pricing is structured to suit long term rental requirements. Find out more here.

  • Fancy Flush Kaya Loo

A 10-cubicle unit ideal for sites with a large workforce. An economical long-term rental solution, it is fitted with a master flush valve, is tamper proof and fully corrosive resistant. Requires minimal maintenance and servicing. Find out more here.

  • Fancy Flush Agri Unit

A self-contained, mobile unit available in multiple variations with optional extras depending on your needs. The toilets and basins run on their own water conservancy system with an overhead fresh water tank. These units are on wheels and can be placed in any location. Find out more here.

Fancy Flush is a leader in providing industrial ablution solutions across the country. Browse our full range of products and services and get in touch for a custom quote based on your needs.