Top Three Natural Alternative Toilet Cleaners 

Fancy Flush
Fancy Flush

As our name suggests we hire out fancy toilets. This means that the standard of portaloos needs to be at another level of opulence compared to our competition.

One priority is to keep our water closets, spick and span and smelling like a bed of roses, literally. After all, your guests deserve the best ablution facilities when taking care of their business. But how do we keep these levels of fragrance and cleanliness?

Well, we’re naturals at it, using fantastic natural cleaning solutions for our portaloos.

Here are the top three natural toilet cleaning solutions we use.

White Vinegar
While it might be something you think will add that extra zest to your Greek Salad, it’s actually fantastic as a cleaning agent. And we mean it cleans everything.

As vinegar is mildly acidic, it disinfects surfaces (cleans bacteria), which in turn removes odours. Two things that we in the portaloo-business like.

One of the major benefits is that it is safe. It goes to work without producing fumes or any toxic byproducts.

Baking Soda
No, we’re not sharing a weekly shopping list, baking soda is great for those stubborn stains. We use it to scour surfaces that have been badly stained.

Don’t ask for the details, trust us, when we talk about bad stains, they’re bad.
But with a little baking soda, they all come out.

Just like vinegar, it is 100% natural, so there’s no chance of being poisoned. And if you are trying to remove bad blockages, mixing vinegar and baking soda together works well.

Just pour in the baking soda, then add some lukewarm water, and finally add the vinegar. It should fizz, but this is a totally natural process and should be allowed to eat away at all the natural debris in the toilet bowl.

Tea Tree Oil
While not the cheapest natural solution, we’d like to state for the record that cost isn’t an issue when you’re providing the fanciest loos on the market in the Johannesburg area!

What makes it great isn’t just the fact it smells lovely, it possesses antibacterial properties, it’s kind of the badass in the natural cleaning agent cupboard. When you want to make sure that stinky bacteria doesn’t bounce back, whip out the tea tree oil.

There are loads of recipes utilising all these ingredients, including lemon juice, lavender, and mint, which you can mix together yourself.

And If you are in need of hiring a loo let us know. After all, if you have the opportunity not to get your hands dirty, you should rent from the fanciest for-hire portaloos in the Gauteng area.