The Fancy Flush guide to choosing the right portable toilet solution

So you know you need to hire portable toilets, but you’re not sure where to start and how to choose the right one? Here at Fancy Flush we have a wide offering of portable toilets that suit a range of budgets, quantity of guests, and different types of events. To help you choose the best suited portable toilet for your next event, we’ve broken it down for you to make it a little easier:

For luxury small events

A luxury event needs a luxury toilet experience. A badly suited toilet can make or break an event. Most small luxury events like small to medium sized weddings, birthdays, film industry events, and VIP areas at events require top of the range toilets.

The best suited toilets for luxury environments are the:

All three options have two cubicles with a toilet in each, lighting and finishes fit for VIPs. The choice between the three is dependent on your budget and preference as all three are independent of service connections. These cubicles service 50-100 people each.

For up market medium to big events

Bigger upmarket events need to maintain the same level of luxury whilst still able to service a larger number of people. These events can include large weddings, corporate functions and luxury lifestyle events. It’s recommended to use a mix of toilet and urinal cubicles to cut down on queue times for the guests.

Consider hiring two top of the range types of cubicles that cater for women and men individually such as the combination of Fancy Flush Luxliner (four toilets) and Fancy Flush VIP Urinal Trailer (two urinals) which can service between 100-200 people together. Or for simplicity, cubicles offering both urinals and toilets are a great alternative, like the Fancy Flush Multiliner (three urinals and two toilets).

If you are looking for something a little more cost effective, the Fancy Flush Econo Unit is the one for you. It services up to 100 guests with two long drop toilets available inside, and built-in lighting for evening functions.

For big events 

Big events can include school functions, sport events, beer fests and lifestyle events such as music and food festivals. The key to big events is quick and easy access to toilets. Portable toilets should be installed in multiple areas and enough cubicles need to be available at any given time to shorten the queue, especially at all day events. At these events you can expect 1000 people and more.

For big events like this, it’s recommended to install as many convenient and comfortable cubicles as possible. One option is a multiple unit caravan, like the Fancy Flush Econo 12 Toilet Urinal Caravan with ten toilets and two urinals in total which can service up to 500 guests.

By having both toilets and urinals, both males and females can be serviced efficiently together. Another option and a long-time event favourite is the Fancy Flush VIP Cube. You can install multiple units side by side for unisex use, making it a quick and easy process.

For construction sites

Lastly, for efficient, effective, economical and long-term uses, there’s a range of sturdy toilets for construction sites and industrial sites. The Fancy Flush Kaya Loo is a long-standing favourite as it’s tamper proof, requires minimal service, and is suited for outdoor environments. For pop-up outdoor events with a short-term need, the Fancy Flush Poly Jon, is cost effective so you can have multiple units to cut down queue time and improve comfort for users.