The convenient truth about portable toilets and septic tanks

Portable toilets and septic tanks are built to be self-sufficient and use resources as efficiently as possible making them both an affordable and sustainable choice for events, homes and even some worksites.

Water wise

Every time you flush a standard toilet, it uses 6 litres of water – more if it’s an older toilet. Recent water shortages in Cape Town and around the country, have made all of us look more critically at our water usage in our daily lives.

Living in a water scarce country, we shouldn’t only be water wise when restrictions are applied. In this way, portable toilets provide an easy way to save water when going about our daily routines.

Portable toilets either use no flushing mechanism, instantly saving hundreds of litres of water a day, or they operate by recycling water and chemicals for flushing efficiency. Where portable toilets are often used for short-term applications such as events and renovations, septic tanks offer an eco-friendly long term solution for homes and businesses.

Going natural

On-site septic tanks offer a number of environmental benefits over the standard sewerage system. Where municipal sewerage plants treat waste with potentially harmful chemicals, septic tanks use a natural process involving bacteria to break down waste and return water to a drainage field. A well-maintained septic tank works in harmony with the environment and saves water in the process.

Keeping the environment clean

Human waste, when not disposed properly, can contaminate and kill plants and wildlife. And that’s not to mention the health risk it poses to other humans. Portable toilets and septic tanks are an easy solution that ensures waste is contained and disposed of properly – especially in places not linked to a sewerage line or where existing toilets are insufficient for large crowds of people at events.

Correct containment and disposal of waste is essential for preventing the spread of dangerous waste- and water-borne parasites and diseases such as Giardia and Dysentery. For this reason, providing access to sanitary ablution facilities is an absolute must.

Leading the way for renewable energy

Many portable toilet units are completely off-the-grid, using solar panels for lighting. This makes them an ideal energy-saving solution ideal for areas without power connections and for reducing energy use at events.

When planning your next event, or reassessing your home or business sanitation needs, there are a wide range of convenient and eco-friendly solutions available. Fancy Flush offers a broad range of sanitation solutions to suit any purpose or budget. Browse the full range here, and get in touch with us for a custom quote.