Safety and security for toilets at events

When it comes to event planning, an often overlooked but very important aspect is safety and security – especially for the toilet area. No one wants to feel any more vulnerable than they already do when they have their pants around their ankles. Here are the things event organisers need to consider when it comes to securing the toilet area at an event:

Let there be light

A simple yet effective deterrent to criminals is shining light into the dark. Public spaces, unfortunately, can attract opportunists. So be sure to install lighting on the pathways to the sanitation areas as well as in the waiting area. Flood lights are especially effective as they act like a beacon while also providing more than enough light for a large area.

Access control is key

Controlling a space is key to keeping those in it safe. If you’re creating a demarcated toilet area in an otherwise open space, use fencing or stretched shade cloth between poles to create a boundary. By making only one entrance and exit to the space, you’ll be able to better monitor the comings and goings of guests.

You shalt not pass

Reinforce security with dedicated security personnel stationed at the entrance and exit. The presence of trained and reliable security not only creates an instant feeling of safety but makes any criminal think twice. Always make sure you use a reputable security company with vetted, experienced staff, and contact their referrals for further peace of mind.

Crowd control

When there are too many people in a certain space, the confusion and bustle can create the perfect environment for petty thieves to take their pickings. Don’t let security be compromised – have security monitor the number of people let into the toilet area at any given time.

Use a calculator to gauge the right number of porta loos for the total number of selected guests. It’s recommended to appoint at least two to three guards per sanitation area. The total number of guards needed will depend on how many entrances and exits you plan to have in the toilet space.

Don’t just speak to my lawyer

As an event organiser, you have the right to use a liability and indemnity waiver to legally protect yourself if anything unexpected goes wrong. This is recommended for all public and private spaces. This waiver does not, however, excuse negligence and it’s still the responsibility of the event organiser to take necessary steps to ensure the safety and security of guests.

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