Portable Sanitation Solutions in a Time Of Corona

Sanitation - Fancy Flush
Sanitation Stations - Fancy Flush

COVID-19, or the Coronavirus disease is officially here and uprooting our lives. As everyone is starting plans to self-quarantine, some businesses and industries can’t afford to stop working or production.

Our first recommendation is obviously to stay at home. But we can help with some advice to keep your skeleton staff moving – slowly.

Hire More Water Stations
While access to water in Gauteng is fairly high at 97.5%, the truth of the matter is that only 46.4% of South African households have actual piped water into their homes.

Which is frightening, as the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) top tip to stop the spread of the COVID-19 is to wash your hands frequently.

If you want to ensure your staff are safe, hire one of our handwash stations. Even if you do have a washbasin at your premises, it’s in times like these your employees will be thankful for an additional unit.

Hire More Shower Stations
Workers will be grateful to have access to shower facilities. We offer a variety of shower options for any type of budget, and location.

If you can afford it, we’d suggest the Fancy Flush Combi Flush 4. It also comes with separated toilet units. And if there is load-shedding then the solar panels power the lights.

Keeping yourself clean is key to ensuring you avoid spreading COVID-19.

Hiring These Units Comes With More Sanitizers
It should go without saying but we want to ensure our employees are safe. The only way to do that is to ensure our customers use the units properly, cleanly, and follow the handwashing guidelines offered by WHO.

Waste Disposal And Stocking-Up Experts
While COVID-19 is not spread through water, it should still be a priority to ensure standards of hygiene are maintained.

We will also help stock units with the most effective hand-sanitizers.

If you need to book a unit today for the safety of your staff, please feel free to drop us a message, here.