Keep campers happy with the right ablutions

Fancy Flush
Potable toilets - Fancy Flush

While many traditional camping grounds are equipped with standard ablution blocks, the growing trend of multi-day summer events and tented camps in far-flung locations poses a different kind of challenge for campers. While everyone loves a little down time to ‘unplug’ from everything, no one wants to be without access to basic ablutions.

Heading out into the wilderness for a fun weekend in the outdoors for a music festival or a tented camp for an escape is all fun and games until nature calls. So organisers, take heed of these tips for camper ablutions:

Bring some glam

The Fancy Flush Clean Flush brings a little bit of VIP glam to a campsite. The toilet system operates as a clean flush unit with a freshwater tank and a waste tank, ensuring efficiency during long periods of use and is independent of any service connections which is just what you need in the middle of the bush, for your tush.

Shower hour

Being off the grid is fun and all, but this can mean no access to running water. Give your guests the comfort of a shower unit, even when out in the sticks. The Fancy Flush Shower unit has a fresh water tank and a 12 volt car battery and a small geyser. On a full tank the shower is capable of showering 20 people having a quick shower. The grey water goes from a freshwater tank into a dirty water tank so there is no mess on site which is essential for an eco-friendly operation.

Keep it cold

Beyond basic ablutions, the camping experience isn’t complete without an ice-cold drink in hand. Cooler boxes also won’t cut it on multi-day excursions with a lot of guests and many meals to prepare. Rather hire a refrigerated trailer.

All our units are 220V based so you simply plug them in for 30 minutes and you’ll have a cold room cooled down to 0 degrees. Each unit can be loaded with 1.2 Tons with plenty shelf space to ensure that all your perishables and refreshments are ready for a large group of guests.

Planning an event in a far-flung location? Need to get the basics sorted? Speak to us for all the solutions to turn any camping experience into glamping.