Extra Preparations for South Africans During COVID-19

Sanitation - Fancy Flush
Fancy Flush

Hand-sanitizer will help limit the spread of the Coronavirus, or COVID-19. But the prices of hand-sanitizer are going through the roof, are there other ways to ensure you’re safe?

Here are the top suggestions from the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Wash Your Hands
We feel like we’ve said this over the years, multiple times, BUT WASH YOUR HANDS!

Use soap and running water when cleaning your hands to ensure any clingy bacteria has been washed away.

Even if your hands aren’t visibly dirty, make sure to scrub them for the recommended 20 seconds.

The best way to kill any pathogens hitching a ride on your hands is to use an alcohol-based hand rub. But if purchasing store prepared hand-sanitizer is out of your budget range, you can purchase products from your local pharmacy and make your own.

For our blog, we’re only going to suggest you make the quick gel recipe. What you’ll need is:

  • Isopropyl alcohol;
  • Aloe vera gel;
  • Tea tree oil.


Mix ¾ isopropyl with ¼ aloe vera gel. Ensure that you have the 60% minimum alcohol base. This should work well enough on its own, but, we think you should add a few drops of tea tree oil for scent. It also has some anti-bacterial properties.

You can also follow the WHO spray recipe here. It is a little higher grade than the simple gel recipe.

Dispose of Bio Hazards
When sneezing and coughing you need to ensure that you are covering your mouth and nose with a flexed elbow or tissue.

If you are using a tissue, you need to ensure that you throw it away into a closed bin, immediately after use. Normally, tissues cause issues clogging ablution systems. That’s why all our loos come with properly sealed bins.

As soon as you’ve disposed of the tissue, wash your hands. And if you did sneeze into your elbow, make sure to clean that as well with soap.

A Simple Wave Will Do
While President Ramophosa suggested the elbow tap, we’d like to say,

“Rather do a wave, a nod, even a bow.”

Avoiding any physical contact is best when it comes to COVID-19.

In light of this, please give us a wave, and drop us an email if you need help supplying washing facilities for your employees, here.