Everything you never needed to know about toilet phobias

Toilet Hire - Fancy Flush
Toilet Hire - Fancy Flush

There’s no such thing as a weird phobia. Many people have them, it’s part of life. Some people have developed phobias from bad past experiences, others can’t quite pinpoint why they’re scared but that doesn’t make it any less real.

The toilet is actually a common trigger for a number of phobias. So next time you’re banging on the door of an unsuspecting, poor soul as you impatiently wait for them to avail the porta-loo, consider this:


The fear of or an aversion to faeces or defecation. Porta-loos are available to make sure anyone at any time can use the toilet when they need to, for number ones or twos. It’s a saving grace for some who are desperate to use the toilet whilst in public, but by using the toilet and leaving behind possible remnants, people suffering with coprophobia may struggle to enter after your deed is done. Another reason to always leave a toilet as you would wish to find it.


The fear of using public toilets. Also known as urophobia and bashful bladder syndrome. This phobia is well-recognised and can be experienced across genders and ages. We all like the privacy of our own homes, but when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go. So gents, keep your eyes in front, don’t frighten anyone off with wandering eyes. And ladies don’t bang hard on that door urging for a quicker toilet visit. This phobia can lead to serious future medical conditions if not managed correctly.


Highly relatable. This is the fear of running out of toilet paper. It’s a real possibility to not have enough toilet paper available during a visit to the toilet and for some it’s too much to bear. There’s not many things more panicking than finishing your business only to turn to the toilet roll to realise there’s nothing left.

If you’re planning an event, make sure the worst case never happens. Speak to us and use our online toilet and toilet paper calculators to make sure everyone’s catered for.