Equal access: how to get paraplegic porta loo placement right

As a modern rainbow nation, we embrace difference and strive to be inclusive and considerate at all times. However, often amidst the stress surrounding event planning, renovations and work sites, sometimes basic requirements for those living with disabilities can be overlooked. Here are some quick tips on how to prepare your space to suit all types of people, with careful placement of paraplegic toilets:

Plan the route

Step one is hiring a paraplegic porta loo – that’s the quick and easy bit (and we have the perfect solution here). Simply hiring a paraplegic toilet isn’t enough though – it requires some careful consideration. There are multiple factors you should keep in mind when setting up your event or site for easy access for all. You’ll need to plan the route for visitors, ensuring it’s obstacle free, and stair free with wide walkways. Think carefully about the flow of foot traffic from the event or work area to the toilets.

Pave the way

Uneven terrain on site and unpredictable weather can pose some unique challenges. Sludgy mud, rocky patches and potholes are not ideal for wheelchairs or visitors on crutches. By adding flooring across the venue or selectively on the route and around the toilet area, you can instantly make the toilets more easily accessible, safe and comfortable for all. Consider hiring flooring like Astroturf or interlinked plastic or rubber tiles.

Behind door number 1

You know that feeling, when you see a queue-less toilet area, it’s pure relief and joy all at once. However, seeing an overcrowded, rowdy toilet queue is quite the opposite – daunting and frustrating. Encountering this scene and being unable to effectively navigate through a crowd is stressful. So a simple yet effective solution is to position the paraplegic toilet at the very front of the toilet area, or away from the other public toilets. First in, without any obstructions, and easy access out. Access should also be monitored to ensure that the able-bodied don’t keep the paraplegic toilet occupied when they have other options available.

In case of emergencies

Having a security presence and cleaning staff working at toilet areas is important. Both safety and cleanliness are non-negotiables at any event or worksite. Another responsibility for these staff members is the supervision of guests in case any assistance is required or, worst case scenario, in the event of emergencies. Train your staff on how to deal with health and safety issues and be aware of those who may need extra assistance. And always have trained first aiders nearby.

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