Don’t forget to flush

Flushing is one of the simplest measures for keeping public toilets clean and safe for all those using them. By not flushing, you run the risk of spreading disease and creating a very smelly (not to mention awkward) situation.

If you’re in the ‘if it’s yellow, let it mellow’ camp (and not in a water scarce area) we’ve got some news for you:

Smelling like roses

Our bodily habits are normal, no need to be embarrassed. But also, don’t let the smell linger longer than it really needs to. The simplest way to clear the air, is to clear that toilet. Freud himself once noted in his psychological research that we rarely find our own bodily fluids repulsive, but other people’s business is another story. So, listen to Freud and don’t subject the next person to that if you can help it.

Reduce blockages

Toilet paper is a wonderful invention, probably one of the most pivotal milestones in the toilet evolution. However, be wary, because it does have a knack of clogging up a toilet if not flushed regularly. Do your part by flushing after each use, so the toilet paper can easily disintegrate without building up. And if it’s a little stubborn, a second flush is always welcome (again though, a disclaimer for those in water scarce areas).

Flushing prevents spread of disease

Toilets can be a breeding ground for disease if not managed correctly. Portable toilets use chemicals which kill the common bacteria to keep toilets and the environment safe. However, these chemicals can only do their very important job when they come into contact with the waste, hence the importance of flushing.

It’s just good manners

And finally, it’s just not good etiquette to leave the porta-loo in a foul state. As we’ve all been taught by the back of many a toilet door, we should leave the toilet as we would wish to find it. So, take a moment and think if you were the next unsuspecting visitor, would you be happy to find a floating guest? That’s right. So give it another flush why don’t you?

Water security

There’s no question that South Africa, like a lot of the world, is worryingly experiencing water shortages in a number of provinces. When a toilet flushes, 6 litres of water or more is instantly lost to the plumbing system. This is why, we recommend hiring toilets for events and industrial sites, water-wise porta-loos not only protect the environment but also improve sanitation. Fancy Flush uses a complex mix of chemicals which not only save water, but disposes of the waste in a safe manner. Browse the full range here.