Busting the myths: Hygiene and porta loos

When people think of porta loos, they think of pungent smells, questionable liquids, and having to hover when you pee. But the little blue boxes have an unfairly bad rap when it comes to hygiene. And it’s not their fault. It’s usually the fault of those who use them. So, let’s jump in and bust some porta loo hygiene myths:
The toilet seat is the most germ-infested surface in the cubicle

Wrong. Even in a public loo – and a porta loo – the thing that’s likely covered in the most germs is probably in your pocket, or even your hand. That’s right. Your phone has more bacteria than a toilet seat. Ten times more to be exact. Think about it: when was the last time you cleaned it? That’s the first problem. We put our phones down wherever we feel like it, we touch them each time without washing our hands. That’s problem number two (no pun intended). And let’s be honest, a lot of us take them into the toilet with us for some light reading.

You should never sit on a porta loo toilet seat

False. That’s right all you ‘hoverers’. Research has shown that the toilet seat is actually the cleanest area in public toilets and porta loos because it’s cleaned the most. However, every time you hover, you end up reversing all the germ-cleaning and you become the cause of making the seat unsanitary for the next unexpecting user.

Let’s be honest ladies (and we’re also talking to you gents), when do you ever accurately aim and score in the toilet bowl? Especially when your legs are shaking and you’re cursing why you didn’t do those squats at the gym. If everyone just sat down – or lifted the seat (ahem, gents) – there would be a lot less mess.

Don’t touch the lid

This one always has us scratching our heads. There’s a lid installed on toilets for a reason. Surprisingly, it’s not for show. Closing the lid before flushing is right up there with everyday cleanliness like washing your hands and cleaning your teeth. Closing the toilet lid before flushing prevents contaminated droplets from spraying and landing on you and the cubicle.

There’s a wrong way to wash your hands

That’s right. When you turn the tap on, you instantly transfer germs to the tap. Those germs are just transferred back to your hands when you’re done. And then onto the door handle, and then your food and then… you get our point. Here’s a simple solution: use a paper towel to turn off the tap after washing your hands and open the door handle on the way out. Sorted.

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