3 Reasons To Hire a Portable Ablution Solution During Load-shedding 

Fancy Flush
Fancy Flush

In 2007, South Africans were exposed to the first rounds of load-shedding. Back then Eskom said that the energy crisis would be resolved by 2012, but our only regret is they haven’t asked to hire loos from us for their construction sites, since then.

But in the 13 years since then, every South African has become, sort of, accustomed to these rolling black-outs. With no real end in sight, we’ve been glad to have access to portable ablution solutions during load-shedding. Here are our top five reasons why.

Warm Water
We’re all too well-accustomed to waking up for work only to find that during the night Eskom decided to cut your power supply. This means your geyser has limited, to no warm water left.

That’s where having access to our Fancy Flush Multi Shower Trailer with its amazing high or low pressure shower system and gas-powered geyser comes in handy.

This unit will need access to an external water source.

Yes, we do hear you asking, “But with this interrupted electricity supply, isn’t it affecting the water quality?”


Flushing When The Lights Go Out
And Capetonians thought that Day Zero was going to signal the end of their water supply. According to the City of Cape Town’s Water and Sanitation Department, residents could face intermittent supply interruptions should the Eskom go to Stage 6, and worse at 7 or 8.

So, no power, no use saying, “If it’s yellow let it mellow, and if it is brown flush it down,” you’ll just have to live with all of it.

That’s why our grey-water-catching shower units would be great, in case you want to get the bucket out and save yourself from a floater.

On the supply of water, our Fancy Flush Clean Flush has an onboard water tank to flush it away.

And if you need to store clean drinking water for longer, you could rent one of our Event Fridges. One of these units can be loaded with 1.2 tonnes of water or 3400 litres. So, if the average person can survive on 2 litres a day, you could drink from it for 1700 days. Or as long as your generator lasts…as this unit will need an electrical supply. But, maths is fun.

A major problem is most South African women are more concerned about men peeing in the dark.

Solar Panels
There’s no worse sound when taking a wee in the dark than water not splashing in the bowl. During the load shedding evenings many a man has missed their mark with only the light from a candle.

Our Fancy Flush Multiliner comes with a 12volt battery that is constantly charged by the solar panels during the day and last well into the night. And for those wondering about natural light, the unit also has large frosted windows to allow ample light in.

You’d be surprised by how many long-term toilet rentals don’t offer windows in their units. So, men will be shooting in the dark during the day!

And yes, the Fancy Flush VIP Urinal Trailer also comes with a solar panel, as we now officially know the only thing worse than the sound of urine not hitting the water in the dark, is the sound of it hitting cloth.

So, if you’re looking at taking your ablutions off-grid due to Eskom, you can call us today!