Ah the shower. The start to every morning or end to every day. Taking a shower has major physical and mental benefits. Whether it’s for an industrial work site, sports event, or multi-day event, the portable shower is a necessary hire, here’s why:

Warming up

Hot showers are known to help ease muscle tension and stiffness – having a similar effect to warm up exercises. This is particularly important for multi-day sporting events (and some extended music festivals) where participants needs to recover at the end of each day, or get ready for the start of the next. Warm water helps lessen inflammation and improve circulation which helps the body heal, preventing prolonged aches and pains in the days following rigorous activity.

Cheering up

Research has also shown the oxytocin our brains release during a hot shower helps to ease anxiety. This can be particularly important for far-flung work sites where employees put in long hours doing manual labour. A shower can make all the difference to general happiness and comfort levels.

A cold shower for the brave

If you’re feeling brave, a cold shower can take your body even further than a warm one. Cold showers increase oxygen intake, meaning your heart rate increases and circulation improves which releases a rush of blood through the entire body. The body produces an instant dose of natural energy for the day ahead making a person more effective and active. Plus, there are long-term benefits such as strengthening the heart.

Keeping healthy

A shower cleans away bacteria and dirt from the day’s activities. Many types of bacteria cannot stand moderate to hot temperatures. So, by simply taking a shower, germs are killed off, reducing the chance of illness and infection. Good hygiene improves immunity – meaning fewer sick days.

Mental wellbeing

Health of the mind is just as important as physical health, and a daily shower plays an important role in psychological wellness. A warm shower soothes and relaxes not only the body, but also the mind. It can help improve your mood, and in turn, reduce stress levels.

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