Only red luxury toilet paper can touch Beyoncé’s booty; and paper towels won’t cut it for the “Good Life” rapper Kanye West, who only uses $400 Versace towels. These may be extreme examples, but VIPs expect VIP treatment – no matter where they are. And the same is true for your more ‘everyday’ VIPs at exclusive events.

So, if you’re planning an event for the upper crust, or even just have a VIP section at your event – here’s how to make sure the bathroom experience doesn’t let your event down.

Lounging around

Very Important People don’t expect to stand around, even if it’s in a line for the toilet. Not only is it vital to ensure you have plenty of toilets available to eliminate waiting time, it’s just as important to carry over the VIP experience to the toilet waiting area.

Enhance the exclusivity of the experience with a stylish lounge area fitted with couches, rugs, mirrors and pot plants for while they wait.


If you’re hosting an exclusive event, you need to keep the bathrooms royally clean. Allocate a dedicated cleaning team to the VIP section to check the cubicles after every use, and do a quick spruce up of the chambers before the next person steps in. A good cleaning team will make your guests feel like no one has used the bathroom before them.


The bathroom selfie – the rite of passage for any aspiring celebrity or influencer. And an absolute must for a bathroom at a high-end event. You need two things to make this trend work: great lighting and mirrors. Remember the lounge area we spoke about in Point 1? Make sure it’s on point with the right lighting and mirrors for makeup touch ups and spontaneous photo shoots.

Freshening up

We’re talking about more than just some hand soap and air freshener here. These are VIPs. Provide luxuries such as an array of hand creams and perfumes, and offer bowls of mints and lollipops to sweeten the deal. If you have the budget, offer ice buckets of bottled water to keep your guests hydrated and glowing.

A little privacy

One of the perks that comes with being a VIP is not having to compete with crowds of people. To keep the lines short and privacy ensured, consider allocating dedicated security personnel to the VIP toilet area, and section it off with security fencing. This will protect the privacy of your guests going about their (very important) business.

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